South Jr Deb Softball

Instructional Rules of Play

South Jr. Deb Rules of Play - Instructional Division

This division’s intent is to instruct young girls in the basic skills to enjoy the game of softball. The ages range from 4-6 years old as such the span of attention can be a challenge. This division is not competitive but rather learning based. Wins, losses, scores, batting averages, etc are not permitted. Skill development (i.e. proper throwing technique) rotation should be addressed in each practice as positive repetition is beneficial in the learning curve. Practice is important as it is the process to help the players improve their game. Teams select a practice schedule for the season; coaches must take this opportunity to teach the game.

Basic game day rules: 

A) Weekday games are generally 2 innings. A third inning may be added if head coaches agree and parents are informed prior to starting the game. Saturday games are limited to hour-long games due to double header games.

B) A rotating batting order is used. Each player will have at least one at bat per inning. In the instance of a team having more players in attendance, the team with fewer players may bat twice in the inning.

C) While the team is playing defense, players should be in proper positions. Coaches will act as pitcher and catcher. To accommodate larger teams, more than 3 outfielders may be used. It is required that players be rotated in positions each inning and each game.

D) While playing offense, coaches will pitch to their own team. If a player is having difficulty making contact after 5-7 pitches a T should be used. Once a player reaches a base they should remain running bases until the inning is over or they reach home. This is to get the players accustomed to running to the next base. While it is an alteration of the basic rules it does have its benefits. Other basic rules will be followed such as the difference of fair and foul ball.

E) Skills to develop during practices; 1) proper footwork for throwing and catching, 2) how to catch’ field a ball correctly, 3) proper batting techniques, 4) base running, 5) proper field positions, 6) Making outs at different bases. The players’ attention span will be short thus drills should be kept to 5-10 minutes and then rotate drills. The drills should have a game aspect to help keep the players involved.

F) For safety reasons players are not permitted warm up swings. The field area is tight and accidents can happen quickly.

G) Head coaches should recruit a minimum of 3 assistant coaches. While in the field 2 coaches should instruct the infielders and one for the outfield. While batting 2 coaches to pitch and catch, one on first base line and one in the dugout to help players with bats and helmets and keep them moving along.

H) Other considerations:

Practice is essential.

If a player missing practice/games Head coach should contact/speak to the parents. If the pattern continues the Player Agent should be notified. 

Keep parents informed by quick meetings after or before games. 

If a player has a behavior issue a private conversation should be had with the parent(s). In all such cases the player agent should be informed/consulted.

Coaches are responsible for the preparation of the field to include lining the field. 

At the end of each practice or game all equipment should be stored in the PINK bins. 

Dugouts should have trash, water bottles, etc removed after each practice or game