South Jr Deb Softball

Farm Rules of Play

South Jr. Deb Rules of Play - Farm Division


  1. Farm division is a minor preparatory program. Emphasis should be on learning the game and having fun.

  2. There will be 1 umpire per game in the farm division. Coaches will refrain from arguing with the umpire. Farm division is about learning not about winning.

  3. Games will consist of five (5) innings or 90 minutes, whichever comes first. You may not start a new inning after the 90 minute limit, but you shall finish the current inning.

  4. An inning ends after 3 outs have been made or after the team at bat has gone once through the batting order, whichever comes first. (Equal batters for each team, if one team has 10 and the other team has 9, they both go through 10 batters.)

  5. All players are in the field defensively – no one sits the bench unless they are injured or sick. Regular defensive alignment must be used in the infield and outfield with the extra players placed in the outfield. Every player MUST play at least two innings in the infield during every game. No player should consistently play in the same position, players should rotate positions in farm throughout the season so they can learn different positions.

  6. Coaches will pitch the first inning of the game, players will pitch the 2nd and 4th innings, and the coaches will pitch the remainder of the game. If a pitcher has reached 4 walks in an inning the coach will take over pitching the rest of the inning. The pitcher may then go back in to try again in the 4 th inning or another pitcher may be used. A player will play in the pitching position defensively when a coach is pitching.

  7. Players will catch all season. No coaches catching. 

  8. Balls and strikes are called no matter who pitches, however, when a coach is pitching players cannot walk, but they can strike out. 

  9. Scorekeeper should record individual achievements each game for all players and announce them at the end of the game, (team”bench” meeting.) Players should not be told the score of the game, just that they are having a great game.

  10. Round robin playoff will conclude the season. All farm players will receive the same trophy, no 1st place, 2nd place etc.

  11. All other Babe Ruth 10U rules will apply to include leading, stealing and sliding. Players have been learning to slide. If a player is going to steal a base they must slide. Any player that steals and does not slide the umpire shall send them back to the previous base. The only exception will be that stealing home will not be allowed. 

  12. Sliding shorts are recommended with shorts, NO jeans please.